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Outstanding Reviews

John Mathews wins 2018 Schumpeter Prize for his book Global Green Shift: When CERES Meets GAIA. "On a broader scale, Mathews' book offers a wide Schumpeterian picture of the great transformation that is underway in the global economy, as manufacturing activities shift to China and other Asian countries and the green energy revolution takes place as a strategic response." 

Schumpeter Prize Selection Panel, commendation

'This eye-opening book from preeminent researchers and practitioners shows how risk assessments and role playing among key local stakeholders can engage and persuade. It offers hope and guidance to policy makers and citizens who want to act before it is too late.'

— Judith Innes, University of California Berkeley; review of Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities

'The Stakes of Regulation, with its often drôle, always limpid and sometimes mordantly polemical style, is a dazzling toolbox on the ways of doing history, an epistemological reflection on how to gain access to the past, and a fresh reading of some of the major issues of eighteenth-century history.'

— Arnaud Orain, University of Paris; review of The Stakes of Regulation

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