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The Anthem Climate Change and Policy Series aims to compile the best integrative thinking on the nature of and relationships among the processes underlying climate and other closely related forms of global change. It also seeks to identify how science can inform the development of adaptation and mitigation strategies, and what policies might be developed to most effectively implement those strategies. Climate change, with its links to agriculture, water resources, human health, ecosystems, and global security, is introducing challenges that are stretching humanity’s capacity for adaptation and effective mitigative action. Physical changes induced by climate warming and directly affecting human needs include: polar ice loss, with its associated alteration of weather patterns including the jet stream; mountain glacier losses with implications for fresh water supplies and sea level rise; changing meteorological patterns with implications for global food supplies; land and ocean ecosystems change including the alteration of ocean acidity, a reduction in biodiversity, and the loss of coral reefs and important food species. Climate warming-induced change is further complicated by direct human activities, such as major land surface transformation; the over-harvesting of global fisheries; and the industrial pollution of air, land and water.  Merely defining the links between the climate warming-induced drivers of change and their many potential impacts is often a daunting problem. This series is geared towards bringing the best scholarship to bear in serving the practical environmental policy and management community.

Series Editor

Brooke L. Hemming – United States Environmental Protection Agency, USA

  1. Worst-Case Economics
    Extreme Events in Climate and Finance
    By Frank Ackerman

    In both climate change and financial crises, worst-case scenarios and disastrous risks are inescapable. Yet public policy often focuses on average or likely outcomes, minimizing the danger of extreme events. ‘Worst-Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance’ explores the underlying causes and the remedies needed for the most serious climate and financial risks.

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    Hardback | October 2017 | ISBN 9781783087075

  2. Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change
    Keeping Our Heads above Water
    By Manoj Roy, Joseph Hanlon and David Hulme

    Severely threatened by climate change, Bangladesh is showing the world how to take an active role in adapting to this situation. Learning from its own experience in coping with floods and cyclones, Bangladesh is taking the lead in international climate change negotiations and attempting to persuade the industrialized world to curb emissions.

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    Paperback | November 2016 | ISBN 9781783086337

  3. Climate Change and Global Equity
    Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton

    In this timely collection of essays, Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton show that the impact of inaction on climate change will be far worse than the cost of ambitious climate policies.

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    Paperback | March 2015 | ISBN 9781783084296

  4. The Atlas of Climate Change Impact on European Cultural Heritage
    Scientific Analysis and Management Strategies
    Edited by C. Sabbioni, P. Brimblecombe and M. Cassar

     The Atlas of Climate Change Impact on European Cultural Heritage' is comprised of a vulnerability atlas and its accompanying guidelines, which together reveal the effects of future climate variations on cultural heritage.

    PRICE:  £50.00  /  $80.00
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    Paperback | November 2012 | ISBN 9780857282835