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General Editor: Lawrence Susskind – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Our new Environment and Sustainability book publishing programme seeks to push the frontiers of scholarship while simultaneously offering prescriptive and programmatic advice to policymakers and practitioners around the world.  We have launched this initiative with the series below (each of which has an editorial board featuring scholars, practitioners and business experts keen to link theory and practice), and look forward to publishing research monographs (including Anthem Impact mid-length monographs), professional and major reference works, upper-level textbooks and general interest titles.


Another related project to the Anthem Environment and Sustainability programme is Anthem EnviroExperts Review. Through this online micro-reviews site, Anthem Press seeks to build a community of practice involving scientists, policy analysts and activists that is committed to creating a clearer and deeper understanding of how ecological systems – at every level – operate, and how they have been damaged by unsustainable development. We seek to publish on this site short reviews of all important books or reports in the environmental field, broadly defined.


Series currently within the programme:


Anthem Ecosystem Services and Restoration Series

Understanding ecosystem services and harnessing market forces to drive conservation and restoration.

Series Editor: Lawrence Susskind – MIT, USA


Anthem Series on International Environmental Policy and Agreements

Building a prescriptive environmental policymaking agenda based on sound analysis and empirical insights.

Series Editor:  Saleem H. Ali – University of Queensland, Australia


Anthem Water Diplomacy Series

Enhancing our understanding of better ways to facilitate the management of shared water resources at international and national levels.

Series Editor: Shafiqul Islam – Tufts University, USA


Anthem Climate Change and Policy Series

Compiling the best integrative thinking on the nature of and relationships among the processes underlying climate and other closely related forms of global change.

Series Editor:  Brooke L. Hemming – US Environmental Protection Agency


  1. Water Diplomacy in Action
    Contingent Approaches to Managing Complex Water Problems
    Edited by Shafiqul Islam and Kaveh Madani

    Rooted in the ideas of complexity science and mutual gains negotiation, this volume shows why traditional systems engineering approaches will not work for complex water problems and what emerging tools and techniques are needed to resolve them. This collection successfully synthesizes insights from theory and practice to advocate for contingent and adaptive management using a water diplomacy framework. 

    PRICE:  £22.95  /  $37.95
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    Paperback | January 2017 | ISBN 9781783084937

  2. Conflict and Sustainability in a Changing Environment
    Through the Eyes of Communities
    By Gwendolyn Smith and Elena P. Bastidas

    ‘Conflict and Sustainability in a Changing Environment’ presents the idea that local communities can develop sustainably under changing environmental conditions when the discrepancy are sufficiently addressed between community views and the views of organizations responsible for implementing development initiatives. It introduces a theoretical framework and practical tools for analyzing such views.

    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00
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    Hardback | January 2017 | ISBN 9781783086078

  3. Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change
    Keeping Our Heads above Water
    By Manoj Roy, Joseph Hanlon and David Hulme

    Severely threatened by climate change, Bangladesh is showing the world how to take an active role in adapting to this situation. Learning from its own experience in coping with floods and cyclones, Bangladesh is taking the lead in international climate change negotiations and attempting to persuade the industrialized world to curb emissions.

    PRICE:  £19.95  /  $29.95
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    Paperback | November 2016 | ISBN 9781783086337

  4. Modelling of Air Pollution
    Background, Fundamentals and Examples of Applications
    Edited by Ranjeet S Sokhi, Alexander Baklanov and K. Heinke Schlünzen

    Content forthcoming 

    PRICE:  £120.00  /  $200.00
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    Hardback | December 2015 | ISBN 9780857284617

  5. Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities
    Strategies for Engagement, Readiness and Adaptation
    Lawrence Susskind, Danya Rumore, Carri Hulet and Patrick Field

    Drawing on research from the New England Climate Adaptation Project, this book introduces a framework for building local capacity to respond to climate change. It argues that most of the responsibility for responding to climate risks must be taken by local stakeholders, and that climate adaptation efforts require collective rather than individual commitments to risk management.

    PRICE:  £29.99  /  $39.95
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    Paperback | September 2015 | ISBN 9781783084890

  6. Green Growth, Smart Growth
    A New Approach to Economics, Innovation and the Environment
    Ralf Fücks, with a Foreword by Anthony Giddens

    Advances a proactive response to the dangers of climate change, which can only be overcome by decoupling economic growth from environmental consumption and focusing on a new approach to efficiency, innovation and policymaking.

    PRICE:  £22.95  /  $29.95
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    Hardback | June 2015 | ISBN 9781783084739

  7. Climate Change and Global Equity
    Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton

    In this timely collection of essays, Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton show that the impact of inaction on climate change will be far worse than the cost of ambitious climate policies.

    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | March 2015 | ISBN 9781783084296

  8. Financial Engineering of Climate Investment in Developing Countries
    Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action and How to Finance It
    Søren E. Lütken

    This book applies past climate finance experience and a clear understanding of financing sources and techniques to the development of financial engineering strategies for the new Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in developing countries.
    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | March 2015 | ISBN 9781783084272

  9. Sophisticated Interdependence in Climate Policy
    Federalism in the United States, Brazil, and Germany
    Vivian E. Thomson

    With the US as the world’s most prominent climate change outlaw, “Sophisticated Interdependence in Climate Policy” offers a unique combination of state-level analysis, international comparison and domestic policy prescription, pointing the way to a productive federal–state partnership for climate change policymaking in the United States.

    PRICE:  £24.99  /  $34.95
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    Paperback | February 2014 | ISBN 9781783080175

  10. The Atlas of Climate Change Impact on European Cultural Heritage
    Scientific Analysis and Management Strategies
    Edited by C. Sabbioni, P. Brimblecombe and M. Cassar

     The Atlas of Climate Change Impact on European Cultural Heritage' is comprised of a vulnerability atlas and its accompanying guidelines, which together reveal the effects of future climate variations on cultural heritage.

    PRICE:  £50.00  /  $80.00
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    Paperback | November 2012 | ISBN 9780857282835

  11. World Atlas of Atmospheric Pollution
    Revised Edition
    Edited by Ranjeet S. Sokhi, with a Foreword by Mario Molina

    Provides a revealing global overview of air pollution and its startling impact through graphical and visual representation of data.

    PRICE:  £35.00  /  $50.00
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    Paperback | August 2011 | ISBN 9781843318910