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In our interconnected world of today, water is central to any discussion of food, energy, health, environment and ecosystems. Traditionally, we have harnessed the potential of water with reservoirs, dams, and treatment facilities. Today, there is a growing realization that many of these responses have not adequately protected the interests of individuals and communities as compared to those of industry, agriculture and ecosystems. Indeed, many of our solutions and interventions are not sustainable, especially considering global population growth, our consumption ethic, and the changing global climate. We must find ways to manage water resources more effectively.

More effective resolution of our increasingly complex, boundary-crossing water problems demands integration of scientific knowledge of water in both natural and human systems along with the politics of real-world problem solving. Water professionals struggle to translate ideas that emerge from science and technology into the messy context of the real world. We need to find more effective ways to bridge the divide between theory and practice and resolving complex water management problems when natural, societal and political elements cross multiple sectors and interact in unpredictable ways. The Anthem Water Diplomacy Series is a step in that direction. Contributions in this series diagnose water governance and management problems, identify intervention points and possible policy changes, and propose sustainable solutions that are sensitive to diverse viewpoints as well as conflicting values, ambiguities and uncertainties.

Series Editor
Shafiqul Islam – Tufts University, USA

Editorial Board Yaneer Bar-Yam – New England Complex Systems Institute, USA
Qingyun Duan – Beijing Normal University, China
Peter Gleick – Pacific Institute, USA
Jerson Kelman – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Greg Koch – Global Water Stewardship, The Coca Cola Company, USA
Dennis Lettenmaier – University of Washington, USA
Patricia Mulroy – Southern Nevada Water Authority, USA
Ainun Nishat – BRAC University, Bangladesh
Stuart Orr – WWF International, Switzerland
Salman Salman – Fellow, International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
Poh-Ling Tan – Griffith Law School, Australia
Vaughan Turekian – American Association for the Advancement of Science, USA
Anthony Turton – University of Free State, South Africa
Sergei Vinogradov – University of Dundee, UK
Patricia Wouters – University of Dundee, UK

We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars that meet the criteria of our series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published in print and e-book editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a monograph (mid-length and full-length), edited collection or course book, please contact us at: proposal@anthempress.com.

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Water Security in the Middle East

Water Security in the Middle East

Edited by Jean Cahan

£70.00, $115.00 Hardback

February 2017

Water Diplomacy in Action

Water Diplomacy in Action

Edited by Shafiqul Islam & Kaveh Madani

£22.95, $37.95 Paperback

February 2017

£85.00, $140.00 Hardback

February 2017

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