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National Systems of Innovation

Toward a Theory of Innovation and Interactive Learning

Edited by Bengt-Åke Lundvall

National Systems of Innovation

An invaluable reference document for scholars, analysts and policy-makers working in the fields of national and global economics.

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781843318828
January 2010 | 404 Pages | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 | 35+ figures and tables
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About This Book

‘National Systems of Innovation’ presents a new perspective on the dynamics of the national and the global economy. Its starting point is that the international competitiveness of nations is founded on innovation. Which role do different parts of the national system play in determining the long-term dynamics of the economy? What is happening to the coherence of national systems of innovation in an era characterised by far-reaching internationalisation and globalisation?

These and other issues are addressed in this volume. Available for the first time in paperback, the book is an invaluable resource for scholars and policy-makers.

Readership: Students, scholars and policy-makers interested in the economics of technical change in general, and the 'new growth theories' in particular.

Author Information

Bengt-Åke Lundvall graduated with an MA in Economics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is currently Professor at the Department of Business Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark and at Sciences-Po in Paris, France.

Table of Contents

List of Tables; List of Figures; Preface; Introduction; Part I. Towards a New Approach to National Systems of Innovation; Part II. A Closer Look at National Systems of Innovations; Part III. Opening National Systems of Innovation: Specialisation, Multinational Corporations and Integration; Postscript; References