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Economic Ideas that Built America reconstructs the development of American political economy as seen through the eyes of its principal architects and interpreters, working to overcome the ideological nature of recent historiography. The volumes in the series – contextualized through analytical introductions and enriched with explanatory footnotes, bibliographies and indices – offer a wide selection of texts inspired by very different economic visions, and stress their complex consequences and interactions in the rich but often neglected history of American economic thought.


Series Editor

Sophus A. Reinert – Harvard Business School, USA


Editorial Board

Glenn C. Altschuler – Cornell University, USA

Richard Bensel – Cornell University, USA

Ferdinando Fasce – Università di Genova, Italy

James T. Kloppenberg – Harvard University, USA

Michael O'Brien – University of Cambridge, UK


We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works that meet the criteria of this series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published simultaneously in print and eBook editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a collection of essays, a single or multi-authored monograph, or a course reader, please contact us at: proposal@anthempress.com

  1. American Protectionism (1898)
    Historical Essays on Trade Policy
    Ugo Rabbeno, edited by Francesca L. Viano
    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00

    Hardback | March 2018 | ISBN 9780857289728

  2. Bread, Politics and Political Economy in the Reign of Louis XV
    Second Edition
    Steven L. Kaplan, Foreword by Sophus A. Reinert
    PRICE:  £90.00  /  $145.00

    Hardback | September 2015 | ISBN 9780857285102

  3. The New Olive Branch (1820) and Selected Essays
    Mathew Carey, Edited by Lawrence A. Peskin
    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00

    Hardback | October 2014 | ISBN 9781783081554

  4. The Politics of Enlightenment
    Constitutionalism, Republicanism, and the Rights of Man in Gaetano Filangieri
    Vincenzo Ferrone, translated by Sophus A. Reinert
    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00

    Paperback | October 2014 | ISBN 9781783083121

  5. The Stakes of Regulation
    Perspectives on 'Bread, Politics and Political Economy' Forty Years Later
    Steven L. Kaplan
    PRICE:  £80.00  /  $130.00

    Hardback | August 2015 | ISBN 9781783084760

  6. Thorstein Veblen
    Economics for an Age of Crises
    Edited by Erik S. Reinert and Francesca L. Viano
    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00

    Hardback | December 2012 | ISBN 9781843318583

  7. Thorstein Veblen
    Economics for an Age of Crises
    Edited by Erik S. Reinert and Francesca L. Viano
    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00

    Paperback | October 2014 | ISBN 9781783083206

  8. Thoughts on Political Economy (1820)
    A Theory of Productive Power
    Daniel Raymond, with an Introduction by Allen Kaufman, edited and with a Foreword by Erik S. Reinert
    PRICE:  £60.00  /  $99.00

    Hardback | March 2018 | ISBN 9780857289711