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How to Enjoy Paris in 1842

Francis Hervé, Esquire, with an Introduction by Andrew Hussey

How to Enjoy Paris in 1842

This fascinating and witty travel guide from 1842 is a revealing first hand insight into the pulsating heart of the enchanting city.

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781843312666
March 2007 | 276 Pages | 198 x 130mm / 7.8 x 5.1 | 12+ halftone photographs
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About This Book

'He presents the French, particularly Parisians, in contrast to the English, sometiems flatteringly, and with sly, anecdotal wit that contributes to stereotypes sill relevant to both races. His Paris still exists in our imagination.' —Iain Finlayson, ‘The Times’

This delightful text combines the practicalities of a travel guide with the revealing observations of social journalism. ‘How to Enjoy Paris in 1842’ covers a wide range of subjects, from the history of the great city to contemporary commerce, conveyed by a witty, often satirical narrative reminiscent of Jonathan Swift. The author guides the reader on a leisurely walk around the monuments and attractions of the capital, bringing to life a vibrant and mesmerising city. Hervé’s narrative voice is engaging in that it constantly appeals to the reader, inviting their participation in his Parisian experience, and succeeds in combining anecdotal humour with witty observations of both the French and British. His Paris is populated by caricatures worthy of Dickens, the city familiarized through the inclusion of personal anecdotes performed by stereotypes still recognizable now. This fascinating book provides today's reader with a real sense of how much and how little things have changed in the intervening century and a half.

Readership: For travel writing enthusiasts and fans of social journalism.

Author Information

Francis Hervé, Esquire (1781–1850) was a French born British artist and travel writer. He was a close friend of Madame Tussaud.

Andrew Hussey is a journalist and author. His publications include ‘The Game of War: the Life and Death of Guy Debord’ (Pimlico, 2002) and most recently, ‘Paris: The Secret History’ (Viking, 2006).

Table of Contents

Introduction by Andrew Hussey; Preface; Hints to the English visiting Paris; Aspects of the city as first presented to the English traveller; A very brief account of the foundation of Paris; Paris as it is; Anecdotes illustrative of the ideas, feelings, and characters of the Parisians; The monuments of Paris; A matter-of-fact chapter, more useful than amusing; Novel introductions of different branches of industry; The present artists in France and their productions; Instructions for strangers; The concluding chapter