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The How to Get into Medical School series aims to provide the most comprehensive, helpful and accurate single-volume guides on how to get into medical school in a given country. Handbooks in this series cover the entire application process – from initial thoughts on a career in medicine through to successful entry into medical school and beyond. Each guide presents its material in chronological fashion, mirroring the step-by-step process of applying to medical school and breaking down the procedure into easy-to-follow, manageable stages. Practice examination and interview questions are also included across the series, and each book features a directory of all the medical schools of its respective country. Both well researched and accessibly written, these guidebooks will be of great use to senior high school students, university students planning a graduate entry into medicine, careers advisers and teachers. 


  1. How to Get Into Medical School in Australia
    The Definitive Guide to Applying to Medical School
    Timothy Shiraev
    PRICE:  £15.99  /  $29.99

    Paperback | April 2013 | ISBN 9780857285676