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A European Single Market for the 21st Century

A European Single Market for the 21st Century

By Adriaan Dierx, Fabienne Ilzkovitz, Viktoria Kovacs, Nuno Sousa

This study bears witness to the transition of the governance of the Single Market from a more legislative approach centred on the transposition of Community Directives into national legislation, into a more economic approach aimed at improving the functioning of goods and services markets.

Hardback, 200 Pages


January 1970

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About This Book

'A European Single Market for the 21st Century' describes the 2007 Single Market Review and explains its rationale from an economic perspective. It describes how the Single Market has failed to fully adapt to a changing economic environment characterised by EU enlargement, globalisation and ageing populations, and presents empirical estimates of the effects of the Single Market programme and highlights the conclusion that the potential of the Single Market has not been fully exploited.

This study then discusses the European Commission’s initiative within the context of the Single Market Review to step up the monitoring of EU product markets and sectors. It presents economic and political rationale of the initiative and describes the new approach developed by the Commission services for the existing experience within Commission and EU Member States. The authors present the outcome of the first stage of the analysis, which includes a screening of sectors to be investigated for market malfunctioning as well as a first analysis on why the market identified functions poorly. The analysis at the level of the European Union as a whole will be complemented by similar work done on individual EU Member States, in order to determine whether the problems identified require a policy response at the national or the Community level.


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Author Information

Adriaan Dierx, Fabienne Ilkovitz, Viktoria Kovacs and Nuno Sousa are members of the European Commission.


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Table of Contents

List of Figures; List of Tables; List of Boxes; Preface; Foreword; Chapter 1: A European Single Market for the 21st century: An Overview; Chapter 2: The Single Market in a Changing Environment; Chapter 3: Empirical Evidence of the Effects of the Single Market; Chapter 4: The Unexploited Potential of the Single Market; Chapter 5: The 2007 Single Market Review; Chapter 6: Rationale and Guiding Principles for Product Market and Sector Monitoring; Chapter 7: Screening of Sectors to be Investigated for Market Malfunctioning; Chapter 8: The Causes of Market Malfunctioning in Early 21st Century Europe; Chapter 9: Market Monitoring in the EU Member States; List of References; Index

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