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Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang

Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang

By Justin Corfield

Anthem Historical Dictionaries of Cities

The perfect comprehensive starting point for anyone looking to conduct research on Pyongyang, this historical dictionary is ideal for those who want to know more about the city’s history and development.

Hardback, 256 Pages


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About This Book

Offering a concise overview of Pyongyang’s history and development, the ‘Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang’ presents a comprehensive historical survey of the city by means of an alphabetical list of keywords and names, with accompanying definitions. Both well-researched and authoritative, the volume draws upon a wide range of modern sources, and contains an introductory essay about the city, a chronology, photographs, and a list of acronyms and abbreviations. Featuring a detailed array of references, the ‘Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang’ is the perfect comprehensive starting point for anyone looking to conduct research on the city, and will be of great use to historians, journalists, diplomats, teachers, students and librarians.


‘The first and most complete source of information on Pyongyang – a must-have reference for anyone who wants to know anything about North Korea.’ —Professor Hwansoo Ilmee Kim, Duke University

‘The “Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang” will be an excellent resource for researchers and students interested in North Korea and in Korean history more generally. This sort of reference work is invaluable for our understanding of North Korea – perhaps even more so in the age of Google and Wikipedia, when so much unsourced information about North Korea is floating around the Internet. As the second city of the Korean peninsula Pyongyang is often overlooked, aside from in its status as the North Korean capital. Hopefully this book will do something to rectify that and remind people of its long history as an important East Asian city.’ —Dr Owen Miller, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Author Information

Justin Corfield gained his PhD in history from Monash University, and has been teaching history and international relations at Geelong Grammar School in Australia since 1993. He has written extensively on Asian history and politics.


Anthem Historical Dictionaries of Cities

Table of Contents

Introduction; Abbreviations and Acronyms; Chronology; Historical Dictionary of Pyongyang

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