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World Cinema and the Visual Arts

World Cinema and the Visual Arts

Edited by David Gallagher

New Perspectives on World Cinema

‘World Cinema and the Visual Arts’ combines new analyses of two subjects of ongoing research in the field of humanities: cinema and the visual arts. The films analysed encompass a wide geographical base, and have been drawn from a diverse array of cultural traditions.

Paperback, 202 Pages


October 2013

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About This Book

This volume of essays combines new analyses of two subjects of ongoing research in the field of humanities: cinema and the visual arts. Originally presented at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference 2010 in New Orleans, these collected papers have been expanded and extended from their original points of enquiry, and analyse films from the diverse cultural traditions of China, Germany, the United Kingdom, America, Northern Ireland and India. Subjects of examination include China’s ‘Shanghai Express’ and ‘The Goddess’, Fritz Lang’s ‘M’, and two films from the James Bond franchise, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Casino Royale’. Other areas of investigation include films focusing on Northern Ireland, the depiction of the Indian film industry through Indian writers, and Hong Kong and East Asian cinema.

The focus of the volume then switches to the visual arts, with an explanation of how the classificatory order for the visual arts and art history has long been rigorous in its demand for juxtapositions and comparisons, followed by an examination of modernist abstract art with a specific analysis of the importance of Gertrude Stein’s still-lifes in ‘Tender Buttons’. Manuel Rivas’ use of cross-cultural textualization in ‘Mujer en el baño’ is explored using the concepts of montage and Benjamin’s dialectical image. Lastly Kara Walker’s controversial art that highlights racial pictography and violent imagery from the antebellum American South comes under close scrutiny.


‘Ranging from Berlin to Shanghai and beyond, ‘World Cinema and the Visual Arts’ is a whirlwind tour through an exhilarating landscape of new scholarship, much of it by young scholars. The perspectives are diverse and fresh. As a collection, it counters the Eurocentrism that continues to dominate English-language academia with a truly global perspective.’ —Dr Chris Berry, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

‘This is a marvellously refreshing take on a vital topic. As literary scholars increasingly attend to cinema, they will find this volume an excellent model. It is forthright, well written and thorough.’ —Toby Miller, co-author of ‘Global Hollywood 2’

Author Information

David Gallagher is the German subfield editor for the ‘Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography’.


New Perspectives on World Cinema

Anthem Global Media and Communication Studies

Anthem Studies in Theatre and Performance

Table of Contents

Preface; Notes on Contributors; List of Figures; Introduction; Chapter 1. Projecting a More Habitable Globe: Hollywood’s Yellow Peril and Its Refraction onto 1930s Shanghai National Cinema - Lily Wong; Chapter 2. Berlin – The City of Sound and Sensation in Fritz Lang’s ‘M’ and E. A. Dupont’s ‘Varieté’ - Isa Murdock-Hinrichs; Chapter 3. Bond’s Body: ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, ‘Casino Royale’ and the Future Anterior - Shelton Waldrep; Chapter 4. Whatever You Say, Say Nothing - Anna Zaluczkowska; Chapter 5. Imperial Gazes, Hollywood Predators: A Cinema of Molestation in Postcolonial Indian Literature - Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield; Chapter 6. Linguistic Identity in Fruit Chan’s 1997 Trilogy - Howard Y. F. Choy; Chapter 7. The Postnational and the Aesthetics of the Spectral: Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s ‘Flight of the Red Balloon’ - Je Cheol Park; Chapter 8. The Art Object as Text in the Practice of Comparative Visuality - Jane Chin Davidson; Chapter 9. Exploring In-humanity: Gertrude Stein’s ‘Tender Buttons’ and Still-Life Painting - Nandini Ramesh Sankar; Chapter 10. Re-defining Art: Manuel Rivas’ ‘Mujer en el baño’ - Ana-María Medina; Chapter 11. Re-envisioning the Haunting Past: Kara Walker’s Art and the Re-appropriation of the Visual Codes of the Antebellum South - Minna Niemi; Bibliography; Index

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