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Rigorous, accessible and engaging, Anthem Learning 7–13+ textbooks offer an inclusive and original way of educating pupils aged 7 to 13. Our philosophy is simple: we aspire to make learning continuous, comprehensive and fun, whilst rendering teaching straightforward and hassle free – thus leaving teachers free to teach.


In our modern world, we believe that the potential for learning has transcended the limits of national boundaries, and our textbooks are tailored to reflect this. Offering an unparalleled and engaging degree of diversity, the Anthem Learning series draws upon a wide variety of thought and content from across the globe, in keeping with the joined-up world of today.  


Rich and differentiated in nature, our approach to teaching is incremental. Textbooks in the Anthem Learning series are designed to build progressively on pupils’ knowledge, with exercises becoming increasingly more difficult in order to reinforce learning. Our aim is to encourage, motivate and challenge students of all abilities, in order to stretch them above and beyond their present capabilities – whether in the classroom, the exam hall or at home.   


Designed with teachers in mind, Anthem Learning textbooks are a complete classroom resource. The structure of each book provides the full lesson material and prep work needed for any class, as well as an array of extra supporting exercises and activities, ideal for extension work. Further answer books and test papers accompany the series, and offer an excellent means of entrenching knowledge and preparing for exams. Additional questions and answers can also be downloaded from the series’ website.


Worldly, challenging and attainable, our goal in the Anthem Learning series ultimately centres upon two simple goals: to make learning both improving and rewarding, and to instil in pupils a sense of enjoyment when studying.


Key Features

Anthem Learning textbooks are:

  • Structured around exercises that focus upon the key areas of literacy, communication and numeracy. These exercises grow progressively more difficult, allowing students to reinforce their knowledge and improve their skills in an incremental fashion. Because of this differentiated approach, the Anthem Learning series is suitable for pupils of all abilities.
  • Based upon diverse and stimulating content, carefully sourced from an array of English-speaking cultures from around the world.
  • Filled with a host of additional features, including starter exercises for maths and supporting exercises and further activities for English – ideal for introducing a subject, or for use as extension work.
  • Accompanied by specially tailored answer books and test paper collections (published by Anthem Press). Additional test questions and answers can also be downloaded from the Anthem Learning website.

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