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Rise of the Asian Giants

The Dragon-Elephant Tango

Tan Chung, edited by Patricia Uberoi

Rise of the Asian Giants

An exploration of the emergence of China and India as global economic powerhouses.

Imprint: Anthem Press India
ISBN 9788190583596
February 2009 | 344 Pages | 234 x 155mm / 9.2 x 6.1
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About This Book

'A much-needed addition to the new and growing literature of Sino-Indian studies.' —A. Cho, University of British Columbia, ‘Choice’

While the rise of China has long been an accepted fact of international economic and political relations, the more recent rise of India as an economic power has provoked intense global interest. This book presents a Chinese assessment of how China and India see themselves each in relation to the other, focusing on their experiences of modernization and economic reform and their ramifications on each country’s role in global affairs. Eschewing the geo-political idiom of competition and rivalry between emerging Asian giants, the book seeks to understand the parallel, complementary, convergent and divergent development experiences from a more self-consciously geo-civilizational perspective, contextualizing developments in both the short-term framework of independent nationhood, against the more immediate background of nationalist and anti-imperialist struggles, and in the longue durée of shared, continental histories.

Readership: Business people, academics and students interested in international relations and economics.

Author Information

Professor Tan Chung is an Emeritus Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Studies. He has been a Consultant of IGNCA from 1989 onwards to help develop its East Asian Programme. [NP] Dr Patricia Uberoi is an Honorary Fellow and present Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies. She is a Professor in Social Change and Development at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Preface by Zuo Xuejin; Author's Foreword; Editor's Foreword; Introduction to Chinese Volume by Pan Guange; Chapter I: Nature, land and people; Chapter II: Historical odysseys; Chapter III: Agricultural development; Chapter IV: Industrial development; Chapter V: Information era; Chapter VI: International standing; Chapter VII: Conclusion

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