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The Fleeing People of South Asia

Selections from Refugee Watch

Edited by Sibaji Pratim Basu

The Fleeing People of South Asia

The definitive collection of essays from 'Refugee Watch'.

Imprint: Anthem Press India
ISBN 9788190583572
February 2009 | 480 Pages | 234 x 155mm / 9.2 x 6.1
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About This Book

The history of human civilizations is also the history of human displacements. From ancient times to the contemporary age, every year millions of people flee from their homes and lands in the face of imminent persecution for physical, social and cultural traits, which they cannot control, or exercising their religious or political beliefs. Large-scale 'development' projects as well as natural calamities have also caused large-scale displacements followed by ill-managed rehabilitation regimes. As a result, over one percent of the world's total population today consists of refugees and internally displaced persons. South Asia is the fourth largest refugee producing region in the world. There is a close link between state formation and forced migration in this region. Ethnic violence, development work, natural calamities and climatic changes also make people, especially the indigenous ones, flee and settle in extremely unbearable new and foreign conditions. Women and children constitute the bulk of the displaced population. 'Refugee Watch', in its decade-long 30-volume journey, has sought to capture the agony, tension and struggle of the refugees and internally displaced in South Asia in its different dimensions. The present Selections are a sincere attempt to grasp the multi-dimensionality of the journal within two covers.

Readership: A must-read for all academics and activists engaged with refugee studies and human rights.

Author Information

Dr Sibaji Pratim Basu teaches Political Science at Sree Chaitanya College, Calcutta University. A regular contributor to academic journals/books as well as popular dailies, periodicals and news channels, he specializes in modern Indian political thought.

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations; Foreword by Ranabir Samaddar; Preface; Ethical Issues; Laws; South Asia; India; Gender; Interview/Correspondence; Representations; Index

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