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The Other

Ece Vahapoglu, translated by Victoria Holbrook

The Other

What if a conservative girl falls in love with a secular young woman?

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781783084524
June 2016 | 288 Pages | 203 x 127mm / 8 x 5
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About This Book

What if a conservative girl falls in love with a secular young woman?

The novel discloses the codes of cultural differentiation in 21st century Turkey as it focuses on the details of the two young women’s lives, their families, and their emotional and sexual lives.

Esin is an attractive, happily married Turkish woman with a modern, Western-oriented outlook and a successful career hosting business meetings in Istanbul. She would normally have nothing in common with Kubra, a conservative religious girl she met at college in the States. Kubra wears the Islamist headscarf and lives with her parents.

As Esin and Kübra form an intimate friendship, the chapters of the novel open out onto each woman’s emotional and sexual experience in turn. The cultural divisions of contemporary Turkey are dramatized through their personal lives and the dynamics within their families.

Each woman’s curiosity about the other’s mysterious world gradually takes on a boldly erotic character. At first interested in the external trappings of each other’s lives, they embark on a journey of spiritual and sensual discovery whereby each woman comes to know 'The Other.'

Readership: It is contemporary literary fiction that focuses on current social and religious issues through a compelling story that bravely explores a sensitive subject and the inner thoughts of human beings with compelling characters. Inspired, informed, honest, entertaining, glamorous, intense... Readers will feel a connection with the story.

Author Information

Ece Vahapoglu is one of Turkey’s best-known broadcasters, a prominent media personality with her own TV shows and best-selling books and a celebrity wellness role model.

Victoria Holbrook is currently a self-employed writer and translator. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. both in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University.

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