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Thoughts on Political Economy (1820)

A Theory of Productive Power

Daniel Raymond, with an Introduction by Allen Kaufman, edited and with a Foreword by Erik S. Reinert

Thoughts on Political Economy (1820)

The first modern edited and annotated edition of the nineteenth-century American economist Daniel Raymond’s ‘Thoughts on Political Economy’ (1820).

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9780857289711
March 2018 | 350 Pages | 9 x 6
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About This Book


Readership: Historians, economists, and interested laymen.

Author Information

Daniel Raymond (1786–1849) was one of America’s first economists.

Allen Kaufman (1947–2007) was a professor of business, government and society at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics where he held the Hubbard Chair of Strategic Management.

Erik S. Reinert is professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia as well as Founder and Chairman of the Other Canon Foundation.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Francesca L. Viano; Charles Patrick Neill’s (1896) essay ‘Daniel Raymond: An Early Chapter in the History of Economic Theory in the United States’; THOUGHTS ON POLITICAL ECONOMY: Preface; PART I; Introduction; National Wealth, What?; Some Theories and Definitions of National Wealth Examined; Labour; Standard of Value; The Source and Cause of National Wealth; The Comparative Advantages of Agricultural and Manufacturing Labour; An Examination of some Prevalent Theories on the Comparative Advantages of Agricultural and Manufacturing Labour; The Mercantile System; Unproductive Occupations; Private Economy—Luxury; PART II; Introduction; Equality; Pauperism; Stimulants to National Identity—War—Expenditure of Public Money; Banking System; Labour Saving Machines; Monopolies—Colonial Systems; Protecting Duties; National Debt; Corporations; Slavery; Conclusion; Index

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