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Unto the Tulip Gardens

My Shadow

Gül Irepoglu, translated by Feyza Howell

Unto the Tulip Gardens

For whose shadow will the tulip gardens long when their world comes crashing down?

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781783084555
June 2016 | 374 Pages | 203 x 127mm / 8 x 5
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About This Book

The sumptuous Topkapı Palace in eighteenth century Istanbul is a place of breathtaking splendour where human foibles, love, lust and above all greed reign supreme in the lives of a sultan, a painter, a grand vizier and some of the world’s most beautiful women. [NP] Imperial favour has raised a graceful blossom to the symbol of a time that history would later name the Tulip Era. Sultan Ahmed III reigns over a still vast empire as his close companion and Chief Imperial Painter Levnî creates exquisite works of art. But real power lies with his trusted Grand Vizier İbrahim Pasha. In the background, the radiant denizens of the imperial harem fight for supremacy in their cloistered universe. [NP] How will history record Sultan Ahmed III? Hedonist, aesthete or reformer? What will happen to his descendants? [NP] Levnî barely remembers his own Christian family before he was selected as a child tribute and raised into high office by the mighty Ottoman Empire. But who is he really? [NP] Will the Grand Vizier’s quest for ultimate power yield results? [NP] How does an imperial wife justify her own wickedness? [NP] And conversely, what makes another so loyal for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer? [NP] For whose shadow will the tulip gardens long when their world comes crashing down? [NP] 'Unto the Tulip Gardens: My Shadow' is a novel founded on historical fact woven by the silken yarn of imagination. 

Readership: People interested in historical novels, in Istanbul, in history; in art history, in Topkapı Palace, in the Orient, in the harem, in the Ottoman world, in the 18th century, in tulips

Author Information

Dr Gul Irepoglu is an architect, art historian and novelist, mostly writing historical novels based on stories of the Ottoman Court, the harem and Istanbul.

Feyza Howell is a highly sought after literary translator, and enjoys working with her friend Gul Irepoglu. This is the second Irepoglu novel she has translated, and the third Irepoglu book in total.

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