A Theoretical Approach to Modern American History and Literature

A Theoretical Approach to Modern American History and Literature

An Issue of Reconfiguration and Re-representation

By W. Lawrence Hogue

PDF, 302 Pages


January 2020

£25.00, $40.00

EPUB, 302 Pages


January 2020

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book


“Hogue provides an accessible, well-argued and well-researched analysis of modernist US fiction as a resonating chamber for the growing inequalities that shaped modern America. Focusing on both canonical and less canonical texts from The Great Gatsby to Younghill Kang’s East Goes West, the book’s extensive close readings flesh out social and political counternarratives that decades of critical neglect have flattened out and incorporated into mainstream, inert readings of US history.” — Christian Moraru, Class of 1949 Distinguished Professor in the Humanities and Professor of American Literature and Critical Theory, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA

“A Theoretical Approach to Modern American History and Literature offers readers a unique rearticulation of modern American history and literature, studying novels written by a diverse group of writers. This monumental book celebrates America as a space of cross-alliances that embraces alternative modes of social ordering in the United States.” — E. Lâle Demirtürk, Professor of African American Literature, Bilkent University, Turkey

“W. Lawrence Hogue’s A Theoretical Approach to Modern American History and Literature energizes the prevalent discourses on American modernism by examining the competing and diverse cacophony of literary voices emerging with the plurality of political, social and economic movements and organizations in the 1920s and 1930s. The result is an expanded understanding of the historical circumstances underpinning modern literature as well as a more comprehensive vision of that literature. Connecting race, ethnicity, class and gender in a theoretically astute critical assessment, this study brilliantly recalibrates the impact of state apparatuses and global politics on the literary production and artistic methodologies of culturally diverse authors not frequently placed together but whose combined presence contributed to the making of modernism.” — Thadious M. Davis, Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought and Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Author Information

W. Lawrence Hogue is the John and Rebecca Moores Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Houston, USA, and the author of many books, including Postmodernism, Traditional Cultural Forms, and African American Narratives (2013), Postmodern American Literature and Its Other (2009) and The African American Male, Writing, and Difference (2003). He teaches undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on Contemporary American Fiction, Modern American Literature, Critical Theory, Postmodern Fiction and US Minority Literatures.


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