Modern Persian, Elementary Level

Modern Persian, Elementary Level

Like a Nightingale

By Iago Gocheleishvili Companion Website

Modern Persian, Elementary Level is a cutting-edge elementary Persian language textbook intended for two consecutive semesters. With contemporary real-world topics, high-frequency structures and vocabulary, a multitude of engaging speaking activities in each chapter, and a companion website, this textbook is an innovative, effective and integrated way for beginners to acquire functional proficiency in colloquial and written Persian. Request an e-inspection copy here. The companion website for the book can be accessed here:

Hardback, 444 Pages


June 2020

£145.00, $225.00

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About This Book

Modern Persian, Elementary Level is a textbook of the Persian language spoken in Iran. It is intended for university-level learners and features material for two consecutive semesters of elementary Persian. The textbook aims to facilitate the implementation of the most recent trends in language instruction by emphasizing the basic tenets of flipped learning and practicing the communicative language teaching methodology with the student-centric approach to language instruction. With its real-world topics; high-frequency structures and vocabulary; thematic presentation of material; a plethora of engaging speaking activities in each chapter; dedicated listening, reading and writing sections; and integration of cultural material, this textbook is an integrated, straightforward and culture-conscious way to acquiring functional proficiency in spoken and written Persian. Complete with a companion website, over 300 audio and video presentations, answer key, a searchable audio dictionary and a special appendix for instructors that features classroom activity materials for the entire year, this textbook makes for an innovative and modern language-learning resource that is available in print and in an E-book format. Extra features and accompanying online resources make this textbook an effective option for those who wish to learn the language on their own.

The theoretical framework and underlying linguistic philosophy of the book, its methodology and practical approach to language instruction, format, and learning objectives are based on the latest trends in foreign language instruction defined by the Modern Language Association and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The material of the textbook also reflects the 5 Cs of National Standards in Foreign Language Education.

Modern Persian, Elementary Level features all the attributes necessary for the implementation of modern practices in foreign language instruction such as context-based teaching for real-world objectives, integrated approach toward all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), thematic presentation of material, differentiation between proficiency and competence, and student-centred classrooms. The curriculum, lessons plans, exercises and activities that inspired the material of the chapters have been tested at Cornell University for several years with groups of students from beginners with no background in Persian to Persian-heritage students, undergraduate and graduate students, and even faculty members from other fields. Feedback from students has been considered and incorporated in the development of the textbook. Modern Persian, Elementary Level is inspired by the author’s extensive years of experience in designing and teaching less-commonly-taught language programs and is informed by the experiences, research, and data across various modern languages. The textbook is intended to train literate Persian speakers and teaches familiarity with both colloquial pronunciation and written spelling as practised naturally by Persian native speakers.


“Its wealth of grammatical explanations and exercises, its focus on practical, everyday topics and vocabulary, along with the introduction of important aspects of modern Iranian culture while following a communicative approach to language instruction all make Modern Persian, Elementary Level the ideal textbook for the new generation of Persian students and teachers.” — Munther Younes, Reis Senior Lecturer in Arabic Language and Linguistics, Cornell University, USA

“One of a kind! Modern Persian, Elementary Level's power resides within its clever and effective articulation of the basic tenets of flipped learning, CLT methodology, and student-centric teaching and learning approaches.” — Will K. Reyes-Cubides, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College, USA

Author Information

Iago Gocheleishvili, PhD, is a senior lecturer of Persian Studies at Cornell University. He has been designing and teaching university-level courses in less commonly taught languages since 2003. Gocheleishvili designed the Persian language section at Cornell University, and has been in charge of curriculum design and teaching Persian language at the university’s Department of Near Eastern Studies since 2006. He has also been teaching courses on state, society and culture of modern Iran.


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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction to the Persian Language; About the Textbook; To the Student; To the Instructor; Credits for images and illustrations featured in the book; 1. Greetings and Introductions; 2. My Family; 3. Occupation and Profession; 4. Daily Activities; 5. My University; 6. Home and House; 7. My Home Town and Country; 8. Shopping; 9. Review; 10. Weather; 11. Personality Traits; 12. Traveling in Iran; Appendix A Understanding Persian Verbs: Why Do “They All Appear Alike”?; Appendix B High Frequency Base Verbs in Present, Past and Subjunctive Forms; Appendix C High Frequency Composite Verbs in Present Tense, Past Tense, and Subjunctive; Appendix D Simple Guide to Useful Verb Categories in Persian (with Examples); Appendix E A Quick Guide to Differences Between Spelling and Pronunciation in Persian; Appendix F Grammarian’s Corner; Appendix G Answer Key; Appendix H Instructor’s Resources; Dictionary.


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