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Modern Persian, Elementary Level

Modern Persian, Elementary Level

Like a Nightingale

By Iago Gocheleishvili

‘Modern Persian, Elementary Level’ is a textbook of modern spoken Persian (Farsi) intended for two consecutive semesters of elementary Persian. With real-world topics, high-frequency structures and vocabulary, plenty of engaging speaking activities in each chapter and a companion website, this textbook is an innovative, effective and integrated way to acquiring functional proficiency in colloquial and written Persian.

Paperback, 250 Pages


January 2020

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About This Book

‘Modern Persian, Elementary Level’ is textbook of modern spoken Persian (Farsi) intended for adult learners. It features material for two consecutive semesters of elementary Persian and is intended to facilitate the implementation of an integrated and student-centred approach to language instruction. With real-world topics, high-frequency structures and vocabulary, thematic presentation of material, straightforward language and plenty of engaging speaking activities in each chapter, this textbook is an easy-to-follow, effective and cohesive way to acquiring functional proficiency in the real-world colloquial as well as written Persian. Complete with a companion website, a plethora of audio and video exercises, answer key, an online searchable dictionary with pronunciation audio files and a special appendix for instructors with all necessary activity materials for an entire year, this self-contained textbook makes for an innovative and modern language-learning resource that students of different learning styles as well as instructors will find inclusive, user-friendly and flexible. Extra features and accompanying online resources make this textbook an effective option for those who want to learn the language on their own.

The theoretical framework and underlying linguistic philosophy of ‘Modern Persian, Elementary Level’, its methodology and practical approach to language instruction, format and learning objectives are based on the latest trends in foreign language instruction defined by the Modern Language Association and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The material of the textbook also reflects the 5 Cs of National Standards in Foreign Language Education.

‘Modern Persian, Elementary Level’ features all attributes necessary for the implementation of modern practices in foreign language instruction such as context-based teaching for real-world objectives, integrated approach toward teaching all language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) from the outset, thematic presentation of material, differentiating between proficiency and competence, and student-centred classroom. Overall curriculum, lessons plans, and exercises and activities that inspire the material of the chapters have been tested at Cornell University for several years with groups of students that included true beginners with no background in Persian as well as Persian-heritage students, undergraduate and graduate students and even faculty members from other fields. Feedback from students has been considered and incorporated. ‘Modern Persian, Elementary Level’ is inspired by the author’s long years of experience in designing and teaching less commonly taught language programmes and is informed by the experiences, research and data across various modern languages. The textbook is intended to train literate speakers of Persian, and teaches familiarity with both colloquial pronunciation and proper written spelling as it is practised naturally by Persian native speakers.


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Author Information

Iago Gocheleishvili, PhD is a Senior Lecturer of Persian Studies at Cornell University, USA. He has been designing and teaching university-level courses in less-commonly-taught languages since 2003. Dr. Gocheleishvili designed the Persian language section at Cornell University and spent past fourteen years developing curriculum, designing courses and teaching Persian language at Cornell’s Department of Near Eastern Studies. Dr. Gocheleishvili has done extensive fieldwork in North, West and Central Iran working with the regional dialects and languages of modern Iran and has authored over a dozen of academic publications in the fields of Persian and Iranian Studies.


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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction to the Persian Language; About the Textbook; To the Student; To the Instructor; Credits for images and illustrations featured in the book; 1. Greetings and Introductions; 2. My Family; 3. Occupation and Profession; 4. Daily Activities; 5. My University; 6. Home and House; 7. My Home Town and Country; 8. Shopping; 9. Review; 10. Weather; 11. Personality Traits; 12. Traveling in Iran; Appendix A Understanding Persian Verbs: Why Do “They All Appear Alike”?; Appendix B High Frequency Base Verbs in Present, Past and Subjuncitve Forms; Appendix C High Frequency Composite Verbs in Present Tense, Past Tense, and Subjunctive; Appendix D Simple Guide to Useful Verb Categories in Persian (with Examples); Appendix E A Quick Guide to Differences Between Spelling and Pronunciation in Persian; Appendix F Grammarian’s Corner; Appendix G Answer Key; Appendix H Instructor’s Resources; Dictionary.

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