Power, Politics and the People

Power, Politics and the People

Studies in British Imperialism and Indian Nationalism

By Partha Sarathi Gupta
Edited by Sabayasachi Bhattacharya

Anthem South Asian Studies

An original and groundbreaking look at the encounter between British imperialism and Indian nationalism.

Paperback, 544 Pages


January 2002

£19.99, $34.95

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About This Book

Partha Sarathi Gupta was an outstanding scholar whose academic interests spanned modern British and Indian history, ranging from imperial policy to the patriotic songs of Bengal. Following his landmark book Imperialism and the British Labour Movement 1914–64 (1975), Gupta worked on decolonization in India, and edited three substantial volumes of documents on the Indian nationalist movement in 1943 and 1944. At the time of his death in 1999, he was editing a collection of essays on Indian military history. The present collection, which reflects his various interests, includes work on imperial policy with special reference to India, and essays on the army, federalism, tariff policy and the use of the radio. Other pieces deal with major issues in labour history, cultural history, nationalism, and identity formation.


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Author Information

Partha Sarathi Gupta was educated at Presidency College, Calcutta and gained his PhD from Oxford. He was, until his death in 1999, Professor of History at Delhi University.

Sabayasachi Bhattacharya is currently Professor of History at Jawaharlal Nehru University and is formerly vice-chancellor of Shantiniketan.


Anthem South Asian Studies

Table of Contents

Introduction; I. The History of Imperialism and Nationalism; II. The End-game of the Empire; The Army in the Imperial System; IV. Labour History; V. Culture and the Raj; List of Partah Sarathi Gupta's writings; Index


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