The Violent Person at Work

The Violent Person at Work

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Dangerous Persons

By Laurence Barton

In The Violent Person @ Work, Laurence Barton, the world’s leading threat assessor, outlines how to prevent, manage, and mitigate persons who may pose a threat to an organization’s people and other assets.

Hardback, 308 Pages


April 2020

£39.99, $49.99

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About This Book

Stalking. Sexual harassment. Mass shootings. Employers are increasingly expected to have a plan to identify and manage threats posed by employees in the workplace. But what questions and issues should you contemplate? Does involving police early make the situation better or potentially worse? What specific words and issues should be addressed and avoided as a case unfolds?

In this authoritative new guide, Dr Laurence Barton draws on over thirty years’ experience as the world’s leading threat assessor to outline how to prevent, manage, and mitigate threats made by employees, contractors, customers, former employees and others. He unlocks key issues to help the reader navigate new privacy laws, psychological evaluation, and employee communications when a potentially dangerous person is angry with your most vital resource: your people.

This is an invaluable new handbook for businesses and HR, legal, and security professionals worldwide.


“Dr. Barton is a top authority on assessing and mitigating threats in the workplace. The threat assessment guide included in this book, prepared by Paycom in consultation with Dr. Barton, helps organizations identify potential signs of violence and means to evaluate threats in the workplace. You cannot have too many resources when looking to protect your most valuable asset: your people.” —Chad Richison, CEO, PAYCOM

“Threats from violent individuals can arise from current or former employees or customers—and their behaviors can be influenced by a range of factors. Larry Barton delivers a major contribution to the literature with unrivalled wisdom. He is, without doubt, the leading authority on workplace violence. This book should be required reading on the topic for both practicing managers and academics alike.” —Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Research Professor in Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow, UK

“Law enforcement agencies turn to Larry Barton for a reason: he understands the incredibly complex challenges associated with identifying people at risk. Having known and worked with Larry for many years, I can attest that this book is distinguished for being both compelling and practical—important for anyone who must make difficult decisions in the midst of a pending threat.” —Mark Sullivan, Director (Retired), United States Secret Service

“Across the globe, in meetings, conferences and briefings regarding threats of radicalization, terror, lone wolf attacks and others, the one name that consistently emerges is that of Dr. Larry Barton. Few researchers have a depth of knowledge that stretches across borders and regions. He is literally the ‘go to’ person for the world’s largest companies during a crisis for a reason, and this book will help you understand why.” —Ken Yamazaki, Chief Executive Officer, Koukesai Security, Japan

“Customers, employees, contractors, former employees: all are important to your success, and each of them are wonderful until that one day when something, or someone, shares a signal. That is an opportunity to respond sensitively and practice sound risk management efforts to keep everyone safe. In this, Larry Barton’s fifth book, he shares the insights and tools that validate why he’s on speed dial to so many employers.” —Keith White, Executive Vice President, GAP INC.

“The Violent Person at Work represents one of the few business books to address how those of us working in health care face issues you may never consider—it is in the emergency department and medical offices that we often see your employees and our own at risk to harm themselves and others. Larry Barton’s breadth of experience across many disciplines is extraordinary. Be ready for insight that’s hard to find elsewhere.” —Deborah German, MD, Dean, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida, USA

Author Information

Dr. Laurence Barton is the highest rated instructor for 16 years running at the FBI Academy where he teaches threat assessment. Over a thirty year career he has managed over 3,100 cases of stalking; murder; threats by employees, contractors, customers and others and created a model for assessing and managing dangerous persons that is considered definitive by employers and police agencies globally. His clients include Amazon, PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Nestle, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MARS/Wrigley and others.

After tragedies strike work, school and hospital settings, Dr. Barton is the on-air commentator for CNN, BBC and CNBC. The author of four previous books, he has led employer response to threats of suicidal ideation and retaliation as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. A three-time college president, Dr. Barton was named a Fulbright Scholar to Japan. Today he serves as Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida, USA.


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