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The Violent Person at Work

The Violent Person at Work

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence

By Laurence Barton

In ‘The Violent Person at Work’ Laurence Barton, the world’s leading threat assessor, outlines how to prevent, manage and mitigate persons who may pose a threat to an organization’s people and other assets. theviolentperson.com

Hardback, 250 Pages


April 2020

£39.99, $49.99

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About This Book


Author Information

Laurence Barton is one of the world’s leading experts on workplace violence prevention. He is the 24/7 on-call advisor to 34 of the Fortune 100 companies and many non-profits. He has been the #1 highest rated instructor at the FBI Academy from 2004, teaching threat assessment and how to navigate human resources, legal and security tensions when people make or pose a threat. During high-profile incidents, Barton is the on-air commentator for the BBC and CNN.


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Table of Contents

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