The Violent Person at Work

The Violent Person at Work

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Dangerous Persons

By Laurence Barton

In The Violent Person @ Work, Laurence Barton, the world’s leading threat assessor, outlines how to prevent, manage, and mitigate persons who may pose a threat to an organization’s people and other assets.

Hardback, 250 Pages


April 2020

£39.99, $49.99

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About This Book

Stalking. Sexual harassment. Mass shootings. Employers are increasingly expected to have a plan to identify and manage threats posed by employees in the workplace. But what questions and issues should you contemplate? Does involving police early make the situation better or potentially worse? What specific words and issues should be addressed and avoided as a case unfolds?

In this authoritative new guide, Dr Laurence Barton draws on over thirty years’ experience as the world’s leading threat assessor to outline how to prevent, manage, and mitigate threats made by employees, contractors, customers, former employees and others. He unlocks key issues to help the reader navigate new privacy laws, psychological evaluation, and employee communications when a potentially dangerous person is angry with your most vital resource: your people.

This is an invaluable new handbook for businesses and HR, legal, and security professionals worldwide.


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Author Information

Dr Laurence Barton was the youngest-ever person to be appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School and has been the top-ranked instructor at The FBI Academy for over sixteen years where he teaches threat assessment. A Fulbright Scholar to Japan, Dr Barton now advises businesses and organisations worldwide on preventing workplace violence, including thirty-four Fortune 100 companies, and is frequently asked to provide commentary by major news broadcasters, including the BBC and CNN.


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