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Anthem Studies in Australian History will publish new and innovative scholarship in Australian history, including work that is concerned with how the legacies of the past resonate in contemporary Australia.  Submissions are welcome from emerging and established scholars researching in the Indigenous, social, cultural, political, media, environmental and economic histories of Australia. This includes Australian scholarship on the historical dimensions of visual and material cultures, and relevant work in heritage, museum and memory studies. The series is particularly interested in approaches that locate the histories of Australia in broader postcolonial, transnational or comparative contexts, and examine Australia in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

Series Editor: Kate Darian-Smith – University of Melbourne, Australia

Editorial Board

Tracey Banivanua Mar – La Trobe University, Australia

Frank Bongiorno – Australian National University, Australia

Anna Clark – University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Martin Crotty – University of Queensland, Australia

Bridget Griffin-Foley – Macquarie University, Australia

Anna Johnston – University of Queensland, Australia

Jane Lydon – University of Western Australia, Australia

Chris McAuliffe – Australian National University, Australia

Amanda Nettelbeck – University of Adelaide, Australia

David Nichols – University of Melbourne, Australia

Maria Nugent – Australian National University, Australia

Fiona Paisley – Griffith University, Australia

Keir Reeves – Federation University, Australia

Penny Russell – University of Sydney, Australia

Anja Schwarz – University of Potsdam, Germany

Simon Sleight – King’s College, London

Agnieszka Sobocinska – Monash University, Australia



We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars that meet the criteria of our series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published in print and e-book editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a new series or one of the following types of works  Monographs (mid-length and full-length), Edited Collections, Handbooks, Reference, Upper-Level Textbooks, Academic Non-Fiction  please contact us at: proposal@anthempress.com


  1. Travelling Home, 'Walkabout Magazine' and Mid-Twentieth-Century Australia
    Mitchell Rolls and Anna Johnston

    'Walkabout' was one of the most popular magazines in mid-twentieth century Australia, educating local and international readers about the Australian landscape, its peoples and industry. It featured many of the most interesting writers, natural scientists and commentators. This book investigates 'Walkabout’ magazine's pivotal role in Australian cultural history.

    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00
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    Hardback | July 2016 | ISBN 9781783085378

  2. Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books, 1930–1970
    The Getting of Bookselling Wisdom
    Jason D. Ensor

    This volume details the history of Australia’s oldest and most nationally iconic publishing firm, Angus & Robertson, and its long-term investment in establishing and maintaining a viable commercial arm in London from 1930 to 1970.

    PRICE:  £70.00  /  $115.00
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    Hardback | December 2012 | ISBN 9780857285669

  3. Virtual Voyages
    Travel Writing and the Antipodes 1605-1837
    Paul Longley Arthur

    'Virtual Voyages' is a fascinating account of the European discovery of the elusive 'great south land' told through the literature of 'imaginary voyages'.

    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | October 2011 | ISBN 9780857284082