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Anthem Studies in European Ideas and Identities brings together innovative multidisciplinary scholarship that analyses Europe as an historically disputed social, political, legal, ideological and cultural space. This distinctive series provides ground-breaking contributions to the increasingly important public debate on the meaning and limits of ‘Europe’, with particular emphasis on contestations involving citizenship, national identity, language, religion, secularism, minorities, migration, Europeanisation, transnationalism and globalisation. It will have a widespread appeal to students, academics and public policymakers interested in a full understanding of ‘Europe’s’ ambivalence as revealed by its multiple identities, competing projects and diverse social processes.


Series Editor

Jennifer Jackson-Preece – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK


Editorial Board

Warren Breckman – University of Pennsylvania, USA

Mairead Nic Craith – University of Ulster, UK

Gerard Delanty – University of Sussex, UK

Liah Greenfeld – Boston University, USA

Christian Joppke – Universität Bern, Switzerland

Iver B. Neumann – Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway

Kalypso Aude Nicolaïdis – University of Oxford, UK

Anthony Pagden – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA



We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works that meet the criteria of this series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published simultaneously in print and eBook editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a collection of essays, a single or multi-authored monograph, or a course reader, please contact us at: proposal@anthempress.com

  1. Europe - giving shape to an idea
    The Council of the European Union

    This fascinating compilation of extracts from proposals for uniting Europe, drawn up over the centuries, shows that the idea of European integration is far older than is often imagined.

    PRICE:  £21.99  /  $36.95
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    Hardback | December 2009 | ISBN 9781843318293