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Information for Authors

Publishing with Anthem

Anthem Press is committed to an editorial mission of independence, distinction and global appeal. With offices in London, New York and Delhi as well as an established network of international agents and distributors, Anthem Press currently publishes about 100 titles a year - and we firmly intend to increase this number as we continue to cultivate superb scholarship and innovative teaching in the disciplines we serve.


We believe that our publishing house is distinctive in a number of ways. As a relatively small and resolutely nimble house, we are able to make decisions quickly, particularly about new publications (which are all subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field). We place special emphasis on being able to offer personal service to our authors, working closely with them from the initial concepts of a project, through its development, production and marketing, to its sales and publicity. Our titles are consistently reviewed favourably in international scholarly journals, TLS and other mainstream outlets as you can see here. Our creative sales and marketing teams are in regular communication with customers everywhere, and we continue to build stronger electronic communication with our readership. Through our subsidiary, Anthem Press India, we also publish select titles for the South Asian market.


The Publishing Process

We have put together a step-by-step guide to the publishing process, including an explanation of key terms. You can download a copy here.
Anthem Press - The Publishing Process.pdf



Submitting a Book Proposal

You can either download our proposal form below or send a brief email detailing the proposed project to proposal@anthempress.com. An editor will then request a full proposal if he or she is interested in the project.
Anthem Press - New Project Proposal.docx



Submitting a New Series Proposal

We aim to develop a number of series which complement our publishing programme of major works. If you wish to submit a New Series Proposal for our consideration, please download the proposal form below and submit to proposal@anthempress.com.

Anthem Press - New Series Proposal.doc




Style Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with the House Style laid out in this guide, and ensure that all book contributors follow it closely. If you have a particular style you would prefer to use, our editorial team is able to accomodate this as long as it is recognized and consistently applied.
Anthem Press Style Guide.pdf




Marketing and Distribution

The Anthem Press publishing programme is supported by worldwide sales and marketing, incorporating the best of digital and print promotion. Please download the form below for more information about our specific marketing activities.
Anthem Press Marketing and Distribution.pdf



Permissions and Copyright Help

Permission must be obtained if you want to quote a substantial part of another author’s work or use an illustration previously published. Further details about permissions and copyright can be found in the document below.
Permissions and Copyright Guidelines.pdf



Additionally, a standard permission request letter is available to download here. This should be used when approaching the copyright holder.
Permission Request Letter Template.pdf
Consent and Release Form for Images.pdf



For edited volumes, all contributors must complete this Copyright Consent Form for Contributing Authors.pdf and return it the Editor to keep on file. Once completed by the contributor, this verifies the permission for use of the contributor's work and protects the copyright of the volume.



Marketing Questionnaire

The Marketing Questionnaire is a key tool used by the sales and marketing department, and the information you provide helps us to promote your book. Please give us as much detail as possible. The marketing questionnaire is divided into four sections - Author Details, The Book, The Market, and Publicity.


Download a copy of the Marketing Questionnaire here:
Marketing Questionnaire.doc



Promoting Your Book

This document offers guidance for authors on how to promote their book after publication.
10 things Authors and Editors can do to help promote their books.pdf


Do also check the Anthem webpage of your book. If you would like to add/update any information, please contact us at webeditor@anthempress.com. Please note that it may take up to two weeks to implement changes to the website.



Author's Discount

Anthem authors are entitled to a discount for individual purchase. Further details on how to place author orders can be found in the document below:
Author Order Information.pdf