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Capitalism and Freedom

The Contradictory Character of Globalisation

Peter Nolan   

Capitalism and Freedom

Explores the impact of the domineering economic phenomenon on our personal and social liberties.

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781843312826
October 2008 | 358 Pages | 234 x 152mm / 9.2 x 6
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About This Book

'Explores the search for globally cooperative solutions that contain the contradictions inherent within the capitalist system, focusing on the roles of the United States, China and the Islamic world.' —‘Journal of Economic Literature’

Since ancient times the exercise of individual freedoms has been inseparable from the expansion of the market, driven by the search for profit. This force, namely capitalism, has stimulated human creativity and aggression in ways that have produced immense benefits. As capitalism has broadened its scope in the epoch of globalization, these benefits have become even greater. Human beings have been liberated to an even greater degree than hitherto from the tyranny of nature, from the control of others, from poverty and from war. The advances achieved by the globalization of capitalism have appeared all the more striking, when set against the failure of non-capitalist systems of economic organization.

However, capitalist freedom is a two-edged sword. In an epoch of capitalist globalisation, its contradictions have intensified. They comprehensively threaten the natural environment. They have intensified global inequality within both rich and poor countries, and between the internationalised global power elite and the mass of citizens rooted within their respective nation. In this remarkable, expansive text, Peter Nolan explores the impact of the domineering economic phenomenon on our personal and social liberties.

Readership: A key text for students and informed readers who have an interest in modern politics, economics and sociology.

Author Information

Peter Nolan is Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at the Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University, and Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Prologue: Conflict or Cooperation?; Part 1. Capitalism’s Contradictory Character; Part 2. Groping for a Way Forward: Conflict or Cooperation?; Conclusion: Searching for the Middle Way; Tables; Notes; Bibliography; Index