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  1. Iron Men
    How One London Factory Powered the Industrial Revolution and Shaped the Modern World
    David Waller

    A nuts and bolts history of engineering enterprise in the first half of the nineteenth century, based on the life and work of Henry Maudslay and his followers

    PRICE:  £19.99  /  $34.95
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    Hardback | September 2016 | ISBN 9781783085446

  2. Green Growth, Smart Growth
    A New Approach to Economics, Innovation and the Environment
    Ralf Fücks, with a Foreword by Anthony Giddens

    Advances a proactive response to the dangers of climate change, which can only be overcome by decoupling economic growth from environmental consumption and focusing on a new approach to efficiency, innovation and policymaking.

    PRICE:  £22.95  /  $29.95
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    Hardback | June 2015 | ISBN 9781783084739

  3. Ricardo's Gauntlet
    Economic Fiction and the Flawed Case for Free Trade
    Vishaal Kishore

    ‘Ricardo’s Gauntlet’ advances a critique of the mainstream economic case for international free trade. Taking apart the cluster of interconnected and mutually enforcing ‘economic fictions’ upon which the argument for free trade relies, the book challenges the case where it is thought to be strongest, exposing both its fragility and the urgent need for alternatives.

    PRICE:  £13.99  /  $19.95
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    Paperback | September 2014 | ISBN 9781783082995

  4. Surgical Simulation
    Edited by Prokar Dasgupta, Kamran Ahmed, Peter Jaye and Mohammed Shamim Khan

    This book provides an overview of the current status of simulation in various surgical disciplines and explains the science of surgical education.

    PRICE:  £80.00  /  $130.00
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    Hardback | January 2014 | ISBN 9781783081561

  5. The Old World, the New World, and the Creation of the Modern World, 1400–1650
    An Interpretive History
    Aaron M. Shatzman

    This book provides a unique look at the early years of European discovery and colonization, analyzing the impact of this period on the historical development of both the New and Old Worlds.
    PRICE:  £18.99  /  $34.95
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    Paperback | August 2013 | ISBN 9780857283283

  6. The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting
    What your professors don't tell you... What you absolutely must know
    Stanley K. Ridgley

    Reveals the secret expectations harbored by business school professors when viewing presented material. Designed to offer a competitive advantage to anyone interested in a career in business, this book offers a truly unique means of developing powerful presentation skills.

    PRICE:  £19.99  /  $29.95
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    Paperback | October 2012 | ISBN 9780857285140

  7. Virtual Voyages
    Travel Writing and the Antipodes 1605-1837
    Paul Longley Arthur

    'Virtual Voyages' is a fascinating account of the European discovery of the elusive 'great south land' told through the literature of 'imaginary voyages'.

    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | October 2011 | ISBN 9780857284082

  8. Travellers to the Middle East from Burckhardt to Thesiger
    An Anthology
    Edited by Geoffrey P. Nash

    An invaluable compendium of writing on the Middle East including extracts from canonical and less well known travellers’ works.

    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | July 2011 | ISBN 9780857283931

  9. Minutes to Midnight
    History and the Anthropocene Era from 1763
    Paul Dukes

    The book examines the evolution of the predicament symbolised by the setting of the Doomsday Clock at a few minutes to midnight in the context of the Anthropocene Era from 1763, making special reference to the study of history.

    PRICE:  £14.99  /  $24.95
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    Paperback | May 2011 | ISBN 9780857287809

  10. The Diaries of Frank Hurley 1912-1941
    Edited by Robert Dixon and Christopher Lee

    This is the first illustrated edition of the diaries kept by Australian-born photographer and film maker Frank Hurley about his work on the Mawson and Shackleton Antarctic Expeditions, his two expeditions to Papua in the 1920s, and his experiences during the First and Second World Wars.

    PRICE:  £25.00  /  $40.00
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    Paperback | April 2011 | ISBN 9780857287755

  11. Blood on the Stone
    Greed, Corruption and War in the Global Diamond Trade
    Ian Smillie

    'Blood on the Stone' is a gripping account of the cartel, warlords, gun runners and shadowy traders who populated Africa’s bloody diamond wars, and the faltering, decade-long effort to clean up an entire industry. 

    PRICE:  £16.99  /  $29.95
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    Paperback | August 2010 | ISBN 9780857289636

  12. Fat China
    How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation
    Paul French and Matthew Crabbe

    'Fat China' provides an in-depth analysis of the growing problem of obesity in China and its relationship to the nation's changing diet, lifestyle trends and healthcare system.

    PRICE:  £16.99  /  $29.95
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    Paperback | July 2010 | ISBN 9780857289650

  13. Action!
    Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran
    Edited by Gary Morris, with a Foreword by Jonathan Rosenbaum, and an Introduction by Bert Cardullo

    ‘Action!’ draws on the very best published and unpublished interviews of the ‘Bright Lights Film Journal’, and contains many gems, including the last ever interview given by Francois Truffaut, four months before he died.

    PRICE:  £18.99  /  $27.95
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    Paperback | July 2009 | ISBN 9781843313298

  14. Can We Live Forever?
    A Sociological and Moral Inquiry
    Bryan S. Turner

    An enlightening look into the medical, cultural, religious and philosophical implications of life extension.

    PRICE:  £19.99  /  $32.95
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    Paperback | July 2009 | ISBN 9781843317944

  15. Japan's Open Future
    An Agenda for Global Citizenship
    John Haffner, Tomas Casas i Klett, Jean-Pierre Lehmann

    Where does Japan fit in a rapidly changing world, and how should it relate to the United States and China? Three foreign commentators make a provocative and persuasive argument that the time has come for Japan to help build a stronger Asian community, and to become an engaged and conscientious global citizen.

    PRICE:  £18.99  /  $29.95
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    Hardback | March 2009 | ISBN 9781843313113

  16. Anthem Guide to the Art Galleries and Museums of Europe
    Foreword by Olivia Petrides, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Compiled by Anthem Press

    This guide is a unique resource for art lovers and tourists alike. Europe’s foremost art galleries and museums are presented here in a comprehensive, accessible and attractive collection.

    PRICE:  £13.99  /  $24.95
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    Paperback | March 2009 | ISBN 9781843312734

  17. Modern World University Atlas
    International edition
    Compiled by Anthem Press

    Simply the best atlas for college and university students, Anthem’s ‘Modern World University Atlas’ is the essential reference resource for the contemporary world.

    PRICE:  £10.99  /  $19.95
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    Hardback | March 2009 | ISBN 9781843313069

  18. Anthem Guide to the Opera, Concert Halls and Classical Music Venues of Europe
    Compiled by Anthem Press, with a Foreword by Steven Isserlis

    This guide is a unique resource for music lovers with a passion for travel. Europe’s foremost concert halls and opera houses are presented here in a comprehensive, accessible and attractive collection.

    PRICE:  £12.99  /  $23.95
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    Paperback | March 2009 | ISBN 9781843312727

  19. A Blogger's Manifesto
    Free Speech and Censorship in a Digital World
    Erik Ringmar

    An expansive and captivating interrogation of free speech in the modern world, exploring the limitations of the digital age.

    PRICE:  £8.99  /  $14.99
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    Paperback | October 2007 | ISBN 9781843312888

  20. A Dictionary of Victorian London
    An A-Z of the Great Metropolis
    Lee Jackson

    A wonderful A–Z of the fascinating world of Victorian London, full of amazing facts and curious humour.

    PRICE:  £12.99  /  $21.95
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    Hardback | August 2006 | ISBN 9781843312307

  21. London: A Pilgrimage
    Blanchard Jerrold, Illustrated by Gustave Doré and with an Introduction by Peter Ackroyd

    'London: A Pilgrimage' is a forgotten classic of social journalism, a frank and brutal look at the poverty striken, gin-swilling London of the nineteenth century, written in a perceptive, bold and gripping style.

    PRICE:  £9.99  /  $18.95
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    Paperback | September 2005 | ISBN 9781843311935

  22. Subaltern Sports
    Politics and Sport in South Asia
    Edited by James H. Mills

    A unique volume about the relationship between politics and sport in South Asia.

    PRICE:  £16.99  /  $24.95
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    Paperback | May 2005 | ISBN 9781843311683

  23. Persian Pictures
    Gertrude Bell, with an Introduction by Liora Lukitz

    'Persian Pictures' is both travelogue and meditation, an elegiac and beautifully observed account of a spellbinding land.

    PRICE:  £9.99  /  $18.95
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    Paperback | May 2005 | ISBN 9781843311690

  24. Transforming China
    Globalization, Transition and Development
    Peter Nolan

    A wide-ranging review of China's economic boom and the way in which it has been rapidly transformed beyond all recognition.

    PRICE:  £16.99  /  $29.95
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    Paperback | May 2004 | ISBN 9781843311232