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Tobacco Control in Africa

Tobacco Control in Africa

People, Politics and Policies

Edited by Jeffrey Drope

This collection is an important contribution to the literature on global public health and international development, featuring the  most comprehensive evidence-based analysis of tobacco policy in the African region.

Hardback, 332 Pages


October 2011

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About This Book

This volume presents the work initiated and executed under the African Tobacco Situational Analyses (ATSA), a recent major public health initiative sponsored by the Canadian government’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Conceived to illuminate the factors that will facilitate the reform of Africa’s major public health policies, this program focused particularly (but not exclusively) on policies concerning tobacco. The results, presented in this book, are an important contribution to the literature on global public health and international development, and comprise the most comprehensive evidence-based analysis of tobacco policy in the African region.

The country-level analyses of this study examine topics such as smoking prevalence, the status of relevant smoking-related policies, and the politics of public health policy reform – as well as the role played by the tobacco industry in each of these key areas. Sitting above these case studies is an overarching conceptual framework, operating with the expressed goal of creating generalizable lessons for the continent as a whole. Thus, ultimately this book permits the reader not only to grasp the depth and complexity of the tobacco situation in each country, but also to draw meaningful conclusions regarding what sort of public health policy reforms have been broadly successful across Africa – and how these successes might be replicated in the future.


‘Tobacco use in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing rapidly as a result of strong economic growth and the aggressive marketing tactics of tobacco multinationals. Although the policy interventions are well understood, the political economy of tobacco control in Sub-Saharan Africa is not, and this volume is a timely addition to the literature, offering the most comprehensive review of the political economy of tobacco control in Sub-Saharan Africa yet. The attention to detail in the 12 country case studies – representing diverse linguistic, geographic, political, legal and developmental environments – sets new standards for tobacco control research on the continent.’ —Dr Evan Blecher, International Tobacco Control Research Program, American Cancer Society

Author Information

Jeffrey Drope is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables; Foreword by O. O. Akinkugbe; Preface by Jacqui Drope; Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations and Acronyms; 1. Introduction; 2. The Political Mapping Process; 3. Progress on Smoke-Free Policies; 4. Taxation as a Tobacco Control Strategy; 5. The Challenges of Implementing Bans on Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship; 6. The Pursuit of Packaging and Labeling Requirements; 7. Burkina Faso; 8. Cameroon; 9. Eritrea; 10. Ghana; 11. Kenya; 12. Malawi; 13. Mauritius; 14. Nigeria; 15. Senegal; 16. South Africa; 17. Tanzania; 18. Zambia; 19. Conclusion: Tobacco Control in Africa – People, Politics and Policies; Notes on Contributors; Index

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