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Institutional Publishing (Anthem Editions) 

Under the Anthem Editions imprint, Anthem Press offers a comprehensive publishing service, with the highest industry expertise and resources at our disposal to suit a diverse range of projects.


Our client base includes international organizations such as the EU and UNDP.


Anthem Editions can help you with all your publishing needs, including:

       •      Organisational and corporate histories

       •      Biographies

       •      Custom designed annual reports

       •      Manuals and handbooks

       •      Online publishing


We also specialize in providing a comprehensive project management publishing service, planning and organizing all internal and external resources, including: authors, in-house departments, copy-editors, designers, typesetters, proofreaders, academic translators and printers.


The Custom Advantage 

At Anthem Editions we can tailor any publication to suit your needs, both in terms of presentation and content.


Your project will be managed by our Publishing Manager, who will maintain close contact and provide expert advice throughout the publishing process.


Mapping Content 

Anthem Editions holds the exclusive rights to licence content from an important archive of mapping material. You can view a sample atlas page here.


If you think we could help you and you wish to discuss your options with us, please contact anthemeditions@anthempress.com.