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Screen Writings

Genres, Classics, and Aesthetics

Bert Cardullo

Screen Writings

Volume 2 of 'Screen Writings' offers close readings of genre films and acknowledged film classics in an attempt to explore both the aesthetics of genre and the definition of 'classic'.

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781843318378
March 2010 | 210 Pages | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 | 12+ images
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About This Book

'Among my contemporaries, the best film critic writing in English in America is Bert Cardullo, and 'Screen Writings' proves why.' —Dan Harper, American film scholar

'A lot of what Bert Cardullo has to say about contemporary world cinema would be interesting to a very wide audience… He is someone with an impressive and stimulating command of the difficult dance of the film review.' —Jerry White, University of Alberta

'Bert Cardullo's articles and reviews are invariably intelligent, original, and highly informed. I have been a sturdy admirer of his work for years; he's a solid writer and an equally solid judge.' Frederick Morgan, American poet

'Screen Writings: Genres, Classics, and Aesthetics' offers close readings of genre films and acknowledged film classics in an attempt to explore both the aesthetics of genre and the definition of  'classic' - as well as the changing perception of so-called classic movies over time. Implicitly theoretical as much as it is unashamedly practical, this book is a model not only of text analysis, but also of the enlightened deployment of cultural studies in the service of film study.  The book includes re-considerations of such classic films as ‘I vitelloni’, ‘Grand Illusion’, ‘Winter Light’, and ‘Tokyo Story’; it features genre examinations of the war film (‘Flags of Our Fathers’ and ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’), farce (‘Some Like It Hot’), the road film (‘The Rain People’), the New York-centered movie (‘Manhattan’), and avant-garde pictures that privilege  narrative (‘3-Iron’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Classic Mind’); and 'Screen Writings: Genres, Classics, and Aesthetics' concludes with a searching investigation of the rise of the New American Cinema during a tumultuous decade of social change - from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

Readership: Aimed at the educated or cultivated moviegoer as well as college students and professors.  In addition to the general or common reader, students and teachers of university-level courses in movie criticism, media studies, international cinema, and independent film ought to find ‘Screen Writings’ enlightening and helpful.

Author Information

Bert Cardullo is Professor and Chair of Media and Communication at the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations; Introduction: The Film of Value; Part I. Film Genres, Film Classics, and Film Aesthetics; Shooting the City: The Gangster, Manhattanites, and the Movies;Back to the Future, or the Vanguard Meets the Rearguard; Flags and Letters, Men and War; Farce, Dreams, and Desire: Some Like It Hot Re-viewed; Interlude; Switching Genres, or Playing to the Camera, Playing to the House: Stage vs. Screen Acting; On the Road Again: The Road Film and the Two Coppolas; The Coming-of-Age Fim a la Fellini: The Case of I vitelloni; Early vs. Later Bergman: Winter Light and Autumn Sonata Revisited; "Everyone Has His Reasons": Words, Images, and La grande illusion in the Cinema of Jean Renoir; A Passage to Tokyo: The Art of Ozu, Remembered; Through the Looking Glass: The American Art Cinema in an Age of Social Change; Bibliography; Index

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