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The New Power Elite

Inequality, Politics and Greed

By Alan Shipman, June Edmunds and Bryan Turner

A compact, comprehensive account of who’s at the top, and why we let them get there.

Imprint: Anthem Press
ISBN 9781783087877
April 2018 | 250 Pages | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6
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About This Book

Elites have always ruled – wielding inordinate power and wealth, taking decisions that shape life for the rest. In good times the ‘1%’ can hide their privilege, or use growing social mobility and economic prosperity as a justification. When times get tougher there’s a backlash. So the first years of the twenty-first century – a time of financial crashes, oligarchy and corruption in the West; persistent poverty in the south; and rising inequality everywhere – have brought elites and ‘establishments’ under unprecedented fire.

Yet those swept to power by this discontent are themselves a part of the elite, attacking from within and extending rather than ending its agenda. The Trump plutocracy, the entrenchment of Chinese ‘communist’ rule and the separatist movements now splitting Europe fit a recurrent historical pattern. ‘Greedy Elites’ shows how major political and social change is typically driven by renegade elite fractions, who co-opt or sideline elites’ traditional enemies. Many recent analyses have chronicled elites and their excesses, bemused at their post-crisis resilience. This is the first book to combine the politics, economics, sociology and history of elite rule to present a compact, comprehensive account of who’s at the top, and why we let them get there.

Readership: Researchers, lecturers and students in sociology, politics, economics and history; general readers interested in contemporary politics and international affairs.

Author Information

Alan Shipman is an economist, currently with the Open University, UK, who has also worked as an emerging markets analyst, and industrial and social researcher. June Edmunds lectures in sociology at the University of Sussex, UK, and is an affiliated senior research fellow at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, UK. Bryan S. Turner is Presidential Professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA, professor of sociology of religion at the Australian Catholic University and an award holder at the Max Planck Society, Germany.

Table of Contents

Preface; 1. Elites under Siege; 2. Power, Networks and Higher Circles; 3. Sources of Stability: Elite Circulations and Class Coalitions; 4. Rousing Rebellion: Elite Fractions and Class Divisions; 5. Politics and Money; 6. Inequality: Causes and Consequences; 7. Elites and Democracy; 8. Giveaways and Greed; References; Index.

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